During Our Conversation You Will Experience Transformations that:

  • "I nearly doubled my downline commissions after 1 month in Linda's program and received the largest commission check I've ever received in my career after just 2 months in Linda's Rock Your Team Program!"
  • "I've tripled my team, multiplied income by 10 and I am on track to earn ownership in the company since I graduated from the Rock Your Team Program!"
    Suzanne Bloom
    PHP Agency
  • "My relationships with my team members has deepened as you have taught me meaningful ways to get to the heart of our businesses. (One person observed a team interview said "that is your sweet spot")"
  • "It's only been a couple of weeks since completing her coaching class and I have now signed up two new members under me and now have 5 new Solar proposals on their way."
    Mariza Cortez
    Real Estate Agent
  • "I went from recruiting zero to 2 per month and last month I recruited 6 people!"
    Anna McLaughlin
  • "I more than DOUBLED my results (getting my team to qualify) AND- it cost less to do!"
  • "If you haven't had a chance to experience Linda Sturdivant you need to find out where she's speaking next and be there!"
    Kimmer Sue
    Marketing Strategist
  • "I want to honestly share how impressed I am with your level of support and encouragement. You are exceeding ALL my expectations...so a big thank you!"
    Heather S
  • "Last 4 or 5 months it hasn't been a struggle to continue to get paid at title.  One month I checked the stats when the new numbers rolled over and had my downline sales to get paid at title before the month even began!"
  • "The Rock Your Team program is how I promoted to Red Jacket."
  • "The Rock Your Team program was an excellent investment in my business.  I learned how to talk to my team members in a way that helps everyone get what they want.  And, I achieved my goal -- promotion to Senior Executive Sales Leader!"
  • With no direct sales experience prior to this company, then coming upon your training early on in my business, I can honestly say that the training I received through your courses changed what I have been able to do with my company. Each promotion has been a very strong promotion and I haven't had to worry about maintaining my current level or receiving my pay check for down line commissions.
  • After coaching with Linda and using the phrases she suggested, I was able to spark several productive conversations and generated 3 appointments!  Thank you Linda!
    Carolyn CJ Jones, Resentment and Forgiveness Specialist, Author, Speaker, Coach
  • "Since I started working with Linda I have promoted 3 new leaders in the past 2 months!"
    Tammy  Sankey
    Norwex, Executive Sales Leader
  • "Since completing the Rock Your Team To Achieve Their Dreams program, I am clear on what I need to do each day. I know when to do what and with whom. Then when my work is done, I can close the door to my office and enjoy my family time!"

    Maria Venturini
    Norwex, Senior Executive Sales Leader
  • "After working with Linda, I doubled my sales from $27,000 per year to $54,000 a year, earned a promotion and an incentive trip to Maui; and, now I feel energized when I think about connecting with my clients!"
    Lisa L. Riley
    Norwex Consultant
  • "After working with Linda, my sales increased from $500 a month to $3,000 to $5,000 a month and I am consistently recruiting and engaging 1 new team member each month!"
    Marci Kent
    Norwex Consultant
  • "Before I worked with Linda I was nowhere. Now I am talking to a lot more people and getting sales. I feel well equipped to talk to people, in person, on the phone and at vendor shows. I have confidence about what I need to do and how to do it."
    Sandra Stich
    Norwex Consultant
  • "After attending Linda's complimentary training, I used what she taught us and booked 4 parties dated in the next 30 days!"
    Jennifer Hatfield-Dulka
    Norwex, Consultant
  • "The biggest benefit of coaching with Linda is learning approaches and verbiage to use when talking with people.  It enabled me to increase my bookings and sales by 80% and I now feel confident when I reach out to my clients and when talking to potential clients."
    Lynne Mahaney
    Norwex Consultant
  • "I doubled my earnings since I completed the Rock Your Enrollment and Launch Your Team program.  And because of that, I'm going to pick up my new car today!"
    Julie Dietrich
    Team Coordinator, Norwex
  • I increased my average monthly sales from $1400 a month to $2800 a month after coaching with Linda.  I highly recommend coaching!
    Kate Bird
    Norwex, Sales Leader
  • After coaching with Linda, I tripled my sales, went from 0-1 parties a month to consistently booking as many as 7 parties a month plus I added 4 more people to my team!
    Melinda Perry
    Norwex, Team Coordinator
  • What I learned (in the program) is really working for me!  I am filling my calendar with shows and I signed up a new team member yesterday!!!  Thanks so much for your help!
    Tina Walker
    Norwex, Team Coordinator