The Boogieman Inside Your Head

Your Business is Like Your Lawn
July 1, 2019
July 23, 2019

There’s a voice in your head and it says things like “I can’t do this.  I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know how to do this.  Who am I to try this?”

 Who is this annoying voice and where does it come from?

It’s really just fear, although it can feel more like Fear with a capital F. 

And fear is our body’s way of signaling danger to us, so we can, you know, run from the lion that thinks we’re lunch.

What?! No lion in your room? It’s just a PHONE?!

That Crippling Inner Voice, I mean your imagination, has worked overtime to give you a stellar case of Phone Fear Extraordinaire (PFE). PFE is characterized by repetitive negative thoughts like “They already know I sell this stuff because they’ve been to a party at my house” and “If they wanted more, they would just call me.” 

It comes from your imagination making up stories about the outcome of your calls. You will NOT skin your knee, or get a concussion. No one will vow to never speak to you again or even yell at you. Your house will NOT fall down.  

So how do we deal with this? First, give that Crippling Inner Voice a name. I like Dave. When Dave comes calling, you can just say hi, acknowledge him, and nicely tell him to get lost. Nicely because he is on your side and does want to save your life. However, no one has ever died making a phone call, so his services are unnecessary at this time. He’s just misguided.

Then, link into your authentic self and mentally review why you are doing this. Here are some examples but please personalize for maximum effect:

“I am committed to getting  these amazing products into people’s hands because it helps them be healthier and saves them time and money (substitute the advantages of using your products)! And I have the courage, determination and tenacity to do it! I know that some people will say yes, and some will say no. My job is to ask and be okay with whatever they decide. I am committed to creating an incredible life for myself while I help other people enjoy healthier and happier lives.”

Deep breath. Power pose*. Go for it. You got this!

*Power Pose: A power pose is an expansive posture that signals to your body a powerful state of being. Think Wonder Woman. It’s a way of using your body to change your state of mind. Examples are standing with arms raised overhead or with hands on hips for 30 to 60 seconds.  For more, watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk

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