The Boogieman Inside Your Head
July 12, 2019

What images leap to mind when you think of summer? BBQs, lazy days at the beach or lounging in the sun sipping a lemonade while reading a paperback book? Summer means fun. Summer means freedom.

Or does it?  

As a mom I remember being excited for summer vacation – more time with my kids, no lunch boxes to pack, no need to corral my kids to do their home work or to drag them out of bed in the morning.  

After a few weeks the picture looks different.

Instead of packing lunch boxes, the kitchen is constantly a mess because they are eating all day long!

Instead of corralling them to do homework, I’m refereeing fights.

Instead of getting them up and off to school each morning, I’m being the mom-taxi to all their varied camps and outings.

It’s exhausting!

Why does it have to be so all or nothing?

Moms need a break! Summertime is a great time to have a direct sales party. A hiatus. A girl’s night out. Some plain old-fashioned fun!

Admittedly, the attendance may be a bit lower because of people being on vacation. But, hey, a party is a party, right?

And your guests are going to be delighted to have the opportunity to enjoy some grown-up time away from the kids. 

One way to up the fun quotient is with theme parties!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Margarita mamas party (could be alcohol free).
  • Lemonade ladies night out
  • S’mores party – grown-up style
  • Sip and soak – if you have a backyard hot tub or pool

Be creative, and think outside the box! How about a pickle tasting party?

Another summertime idea is to offer incentives to get people primed for fun right away.

For example, offer an extra ticket into a prize drawing for:

  • Wearing a beach hat or flip flops
  • Bringing a toy you can use at the beach
  • Wearing your favorite sun dress
  • Bringing a decorated banana and have a contest for the best banana decorations!

Here’s how to get started with this idea,

  1. Decide on one or two theme parties you want to offer.
  2. Get excited about your theme parties — think about how much fun it’s going to be for your hostesses and guests.
  3. While you are excited, pick up the phone and call your clients (I recommend starting with previous hostesses) and offer to tell them about the special summer-fun parties you are offering this year.
  4. Then party-on, girlfriend!

You may find that you are looking forward to your future summers because of the great fun you’ve had with your Summer Theme parties!  I know those all those beleaguered Mom’s will be!

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