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March 7, 2019
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March 29, 2019

I have an extra special Jazzercise instructor — she makes classes really fun!  Not only do we get to dance to get our exercise, she always adds something special.  The other day she was throwing out Mardi Gras beads and featuring music from New Orleans in honor of Mardi Gras!  And on Fridays we all wear our “crazy” tights! It makes attending so much fun!

It got me thinking about team meetings.

One of the best strategies I ever had for increasing attendance at my team meetings was having a monthly “theme.”  In January the theme was “snow” and we talked about how each client is as different as a snowflake and I decorated with paper snowflakes dangling from the ceiling.  In April I liked to focus on spring and renewal. One time I mailed each team member an envelope of seeds with an invitation to the team meeting. If you would like to increase attendance at team meetings, think about offering a fun theme.  Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

March — “Luck of the Irish”

Decorate with St Patrick’s day decorations. Give tickets into the drawing for wearing green. Offer rainbow snacks (such as rainbow carrots, multicolored crackers or colorful cookies).  Buy chocolate gold coins or gold foil kisses and toss them to team members when they participate in the meeting!

April — “Hop into Spring”

Decorate with bunnies, chicks and flowers.  Give tickets into the drawing for wearing a “bonnet.” “Plant” some carrots into dishes of ranch dressing for snacks.  Buy individual packages of jelly beans or chocolate eggs to “reward” participation at your meeting!  You could even do an Easter egg hunt (get colorful plastic eggs, put a business building idea on a slip of paper into each egg and the person who finds the egg gets to read the business idea)!

May — “Abundance”

Decorate with flowers and birds. Give tickets into the drawing for wearing anything with a flower or bird on it.  Offer flower shaped crackers or cookies for snacks. Buy real or silk flowers to give team members who participate in the meeting.

June — “Sizzling Summer Success”

Decorate with beach balls, buckets and shovels.  Have goldfish crackers and lemonade for snacks. Give tickets into the drawing for wearing flip flops!  Pass out individually wrapped “life savers” candies when people participate.

This idea is only limited by your imagination.  No matter what theme you choose, consider the following:

  1. Decorations (be careful not to go overboard!)
  2. Challenge your team members to wear something based on the theme.
  3. Provide theme based snacks.
  4. Pass out treats (they don’t have to be edible) for participation.

And remember, you can repeat themes on an annual basis.  Update the idea each year with something new to keep it fresh.  Make your team meetings fun and you’ll be rewarded with plenty in attendance, and engaged team members translates to more business!

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  1. Vicky Lara says:

    Love this message! Keep it simple, fun and fresh. I’m inspired again! Thanks Linda for sharing.

  2. I use a theme for my “online event vents.” I get motivated/creative when I lay things out this way as well as teach about our products in a way that I “tie-them-in” with the theme. I have fun ?

  3. Love these ideas Linda! Thanks!