Are Some of the Lights on Your Team Out?

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December 7, 2018
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January 7, 2019

Are some of the lights on your team out?  It can certainly be frustrating! You offer incentives, challenges and contests only to have the same people participate and get the same results.

Different personalities respond to different incentives and, if you don’t mix up your offerings, you will not reach your whole team.  

Here’s how to light up everyone!

Action oriented personalities love challenges, winning and contests.  So if you offer a contest where the person who does the most _______________, (e.g. sales) gets the prize, you’ll motivate the “action” people on your team.  Ideal awards for the Actions are public recognition, attention and extravagant prizes.

The nurturer personalities love people.  And the prize they most crave is your personal attention and time with people.  They don’t like competition, because by definition, competition leaves some people out (the people who don’t win).   Motive the nurturers on your team by offering an invitation to a one-on-one or small group event if they accomplish a goal (e.g. sell $250 in one month).  What kind of event? It could be as simple as coffee at your house or as big as taking a small group to breakfast once a month!

The blueprint personalities love predictability.  They don’t particularly like to participate in “challenges” or ” contests,” because they don’t know if they will win.  Instead, offer the blueprints on your team something they know they can earn — such as an award for achieving a specific goal (e.g. $250 in sales in a month).   A great prize for a blueprint is a memento they can save and /or scrapbook (e.g. a postcard that you send them when they achieve $250 in sales), something they can hang on their wall (e.g. a certificate when they promote) or a magnet with a motivational quote.

The knowledge personality loves to learn.  Without a doubt, the best prize to offer a knowledge personality is something that expands her knowledge,  which includes a book (e.g. The Science of Selling by David Hoffeld), a link to a data-heavy blog post about a topic of interest or a complimentary enrollment in a class.

Add a variety of incentives to your team promotions and watch your WHOLE team light up!


  1. Great thoughts, Linda. Helpful as always. Happy New Year!

  2. These are terrific tools to attend to & most likely will require some skills to identify the categories of real people. Do you ever ask for the team to select their own category or is this typically done more subtle-my???

    • RockstarTeams says:

      For the purpose of designing incentives for your team, it’s not necessary to identify what kind of people are on your team — just mix it up and make sure you are touching all 4 personality types. Yes, you can definitely use a tool to identify the categories of the people on your team. I use a system called BANK. You can check it out yourself at Follow the instructions to “crack your code.” If you would like to learn more about using the BANK system to be a more effective leaders, I would be delighted to tell you more about it. Drop me an email at and include “want to learn more about BANK” in the subject. I’ll reply with a link to schedule an appointment with me!