Why Now is the Very Best Time to Host a Party

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November 16, 2018
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December 7, 2018

One of the challenges I often hear is that November and December are bad months to book parties.  There’s too much going on in people’s lives and they just don’t have time!

I beg to differ!  November and December are the BEST times to host parties.  Here’s why:

  1. Many people decorate their houses and love to show off their decorations.  What better way to show them off than to host a party!

  2. People are purchasing holiday gifts.  And what better gift than your products?  Do you sell products that make cleaning faster?  Who wouldn’t want to save 50 hours next year from their cleaning?  Do you products make people healthier, fitter or feel better? Everyone wants that, right?

  3. Your potential hostesses needs to purchase gifts, too.  She can receive many of those items either free or at a discount by hosting a party.  And how much easier is it to shop from the comfort of her home instead of making the trek to the local mall?  Plus, she can see, touch, feel and ask questions about your products, which you cannot do online.

  4. People are thinking about what they want to receive for gifts.  Offer a “wish list service.”  The guests at your parties can fill out a wish list and include the names and contact information for the people who purchase gifts for them.  Then you contact those people and offer your “shopping services,” and help them get a gift that’s “sure to please!” I even offered free gift wrapping if they picked the gift up at my house.  Everyone wins: your client gets exactly what she wants for Christmas, her “Santa” gets to be a hero on Christmas morning, save time and mental energy during the busy holiday season and you get the sale and opportunity to be of service!

  5. People are thinking about helping others at this time of year. For hostesses who are charity minded, offer guests an extra ticket into your drawing for bringing something that can be donated to your hostess favorite charity.  It could be a gently used coat for the homeless, a can of food for the food bank or a new toy for Toys for Tots.

Share these ideas with your potential hostesses (and downline) and you’ll see the party calendar fill right up! 

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