What’s so scary about Direct Sales?

Exactly What To Say: when you want to tell someone about your products
October 5, 2018
How I eliminated things that scared me about my direct sales business
November 13, 2018
  1. I was scared to ask people to host parties.

I didn’t want to have to coerce people to host parties.  What I really wanted was to be with people who have the same passion for scrapbooking and paper crafting as I did.  I wanted to share creative ideas, make friends and enjoy the fun together! And I thought the path to that dream included having to convince, persuade and cajole people into hosting parties for me.  Scary!

2. I was scared that I’d have to be “pushy” or ” salesy.”

The second reason I was scared of my direct sales business is that I thought I had to “sell.”  Selling brought up all kinds of ghoulish images to me. Images of pushy zombie- like sales people making people feel uncomfortable.  What I really wanted was to build relationships, not scare them away!

3. I was super scared of being rejected!

And finally, I was scared to feel rejected!  It felt like the path to asking someone to host a party was like the long, dark, scary path to a haunted house followed by the creaking door opening, then having to offer a party to someone really scary.  Scary because she could come back at me with the dreaded “no,” or even slam the door on me. And to be honest, one person even closed the door while I was talking — ouch! What I really wanted was for people to see the value of what I was offering them and be enthusiastic about it like I was.

Do you see yourself having any of those thoughts?  Don’t miss my next blog where I will share the secret to how I eliminated those fears from my direct sales business!

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