Why your team members need to do their own launch parties

Get party dates on your calendar while at your parties
August 1, 2017
Massively increase your party attendance!
August 29, 2018

Are you committed to building a large team?

Do you enjoy helping people get started in the business?

Do you love seeing your team members achieve their goals and dreams?

It’s tempting to do your new team member’s launch party for them.  After all, you know what you are doing and you know that getting parties on her calendar is the key to a great business launch.  Yet here’s the surprising news — doing her launch party may result in the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

The secret to growing a large team  is contained in the word “independent,” as in “independent consultant.”  Getting your team members independent as quickly as possible will benefit her in so many ways.  How?

  1. New consultants are the most excited about their business when they first sign up and enthusiasm sells. Teach her how to share her enthusiasm with her friends and family when she invites them to the launch party.  For more ideas about how to use enthusiasm to invite guests, click HERE for a step by step strategy you can share with your team members.
  2. People learn by doing, not by watching. We don’t learn to ride a bike by watching someone else ride a bike. You could spend 100 hours watching someone ride a bike and even write a PhD thesis on riding bikes, but until you actually get on a bike and ride it — you do not know how to ride a bike!  And you cannot learn to do a presentation by watching someone do a presentation.  Let’s be honest, you most likely met her at a party so she has watched a presentation (or possibly many).

If you or your team member honestly feels she must watch someone do a presentation to learn, then refer her to the videos on the back office or have her watch you do your presentations.  Then give her the gift of learning by doing her own launch party presentation.

  1. Building confidence in front of a friendly audience. Your new consultant is going to invite her family and friends to her launch party.  And, they are the perfect audience for her first party.  They want her to succeed.  Let’s face it, it’s a rare consultant who crushes it at her first party presentation.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier for her to be vulnerable in front of people who want to see her succeed?  They will forgive her every mistake and give her the benefit of every doubt.  And, she will have so much more confidence to take into her next party — because she has already done it once!

Don’t rob your new consultant of the opportunity to do her own launch party.  Give her the chance to capitalize on her enthusiasm, learn by doing, and gain the confidence that comes by doing it herself!

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