Why do your recruits disappear?

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May 25, 2017
Why do your recruits disappear? Part 2
June 12, 2017

My favorite mystery TV show is Psych.  It’s a comedy about a fake psychic detective, Shaw Spencer and his business partner and friend since childhood, Burton Guster.

It got me thinking about how often as a Direct Sales leader I had to solve “the case of the missing recruit.”  It was really weird — a client would excitedly sign up as a new consultant, filled with enthusiasm.  Then I would never hear from her again.  It would have been really handy to have some psychic detective skills to find them.  But I didn’t.  For a while it seemed they were lost forever.

While I may not be a psychic detective, I can do detective work.  What I learned is that the missing recruit goes missing because she gets overwhelmed.  Here’s what happens:

We have a nice conversation about becoming a consultant.  She is excited, motivated and filled with enthusiasm.    A week or 10 days later, the consultant kit arrives on her doorstep.  It’s overflowing with products (some she  don’t even know what to do with), a consultant manual, order forms, catalogs and brochures and flyers encouraging her to “go for it” in the guise of “Straight to the Top,” or “earn the incentive trip.”

What happens next?  Well, stay tuned for Part 2…

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