Why do your recruits disappear? Part 3

Why do your recruits disappear? Part 2
June 12, 2017
Direct Sales Party Insurance
June 26, 2017

Your excited recruit just received her consultant kit and is now completely overwhelmed. How can you help avoid that?

Once I understood what was happening,  I developed this 3 step system for getting new recruits into action:

Step 1: As soon as she hits the submit button on the key board to sign up, say, “Congratulations!  And welcome to ______________ (company name).  I’m so excited to have you on my team!  Let’s get you started!  When would you like to do your launch party?”  Get her launch party scheduled immediately.

Step 2: Next, say, “The next step is to create your guest list.”  “When will you do that?”  And schedule an appointment to talk within 24 hours after she says she will do it.  When you call her, make sure she has the guest list complete (if she doesn’t, help her complete it), answer any questions she might have and then move her to the next step.

Step 3: Say, “Fantastic, you are on your way to a successful launch party!  Your next step is to get your invitation sent out.”  If necessary, show her how to send her invitation (on-line or US mail), find out when she will send the invitations and again, schedule a time within 24 hours of her commitment to follow up with her.  When you call her, verify the invitations have been sent, help her with any challenges or questions she has and move her forward to her next step  For example, her next assignment could be to do whatever she needs to do to be ready for her Launch Party.  You may want to create a “party checklist,” with everything she needs to do to be ready for her party.  Once her guests have been invited, give her the checklist for her to keep moving forward.

Keep checking in with her and moving her to the next step until she takes the reins and begins moving forward on her own.  For most new consultants, these three steps will be all she needs to create momentum, especially if you have her complete the three steps before the kit arrives.  It’s pretty hard to ignore your new kit if you have guests coming to your house in a few days!

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