Why do your recruits disappear? Part 2

Why do your recruits disappear?
June 6, 2017
Why do your recruits disappear? Part 3
June 19, 2017

Your excited recruit just received her consultant kit.

Suddenly it becomes abundantly clear that she is expected to jump in with both feet and perform every single aspect of the business right away.  She-  is expected to

  1. find clients
  2. book parties
  3. hostess coach
  4. prepare and deliver presentations
  5. take orders
  6. submit orders
  7. provide customer service and
  8. recruit & train new consultants

This is a daunting list and she becomes overwhelmed.

The brain’s reaction to overwhelm is the same as to fear:  flight or flight.  A few moments ago she was excited to open the new consultant kit, but now her brain is in flight or flight mode.  Of course, she cannot fight the consultant kit so she flees.  She carefully puts everything back in the box, pushes it into the corner and then proceeds to ignore it.  And poof — you new recruit disappears.

Case Solved!

Or is it?

What can be done to prevent recruits from disappearing?

The secret to preventing new consultants from disappearing is

  1. Get her started immediately after she submits her application.
  2. Most critically: make those first few steps so easy she absolutely cannot fail.

How do you do that?  Stay tuned for Part 3

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