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Linda helps direct sales leaders who are frustrated with their team member's lack of action. Leaders frequently struggle with team member's lack of motivation, follow through and implementation. And what they really want is a simple duplicatable system to help their team members achieve their goals and dreams. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and leadership, Linda is the ideal speaker for your next event. Your guests will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to get their team members into action including specific and concrete steps they can implement immediately.

Want some no-BS insights on why your team members don't take action in their business? Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and take control of your results? Get answers now on how to fix these 5 Fatal Mistakes!


Rock Your


Kick Start Your Business
Are you a new or "restarting" direct sales consultants who wants to build a sales business based on developing rapport and being of service to your clients? Master a proven system to fill your calendar and keep it filled. Create a customized system to fit your business and style. Plus develop an effective communication style to build rapport, identify a need for your product and make an irresistible offer every time, eliminating the need to be pushy or intrusive.

Rock Your


Rock Your Enrollment and Launch Your Team
Do you want to grow a team of enthusiastic team members and create a supportive and collaborative team culture? In this 60-day program you will master the tools needed to enjoyably build your team and get them into action in the spirit of service. Each step of the program is based on proven strategies and methods and includes customization for your business and leadership style. The high level of accountability provided will assure implementation of the program during the 60 days so you walk away with an effective and duplicatable system to keep your team growing and thriving for years.

Rock Your


Rock Your Team to Achieve their Dreams
Are you frustrated with your team members' lack of action, motivation and implementation? Would you like to help each team member achieve their dreams? In this 90-day program, you will master a system to get your team into action and keep them moving forward toward accomplishing their goals. Each step of the program is based on proven strategies and methods and includes customization for your business and leadership style. The high level of accountability provided will assure implementation of the program during the 90 days so you walk away with a highly effective and duplicatable system to get your team into action and to stay in action.

Rock Your


Top Leaders Mastermind
Are you craving the opportunity to collaborate with other top leaders? Success sometimes creates a gap between you and other consultants on your team and even with your upline. This program provides an ongoing opportunity to learn from other leaders, create accountability structures to keep you focused and to be a member of a community of supportive colleagues who help each other achieve new levels of success.


Schedule your Activate Your Team Strategy Session with Linda and discover which program is the best fit for you and your team.

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  • What I learned (in the program) is really working for me!  I am filling my calendar with shows and I signed up a new team member yesterday!!!  Thanks so much for your help!
    Tina Walker
    Norwex, Team Coordinator
  • After coaching with Linda, I tripled my sales, went from 0-1 parties a month to consistently booking as many as 7 parties a month plus I added 4 more people to my team!
    Melinda Perry
    Norwex, Team Coordinator
  • I increased my average monthly sales from $1400 a month to $2800 a month after coaching with Linda.  I highly recommend coaching!
    Kate Bird
    Norwex, Sales Leader
  • "I doubled my earnings since I completed the Rock Your Enrollment and Launch Your Team program.  And because of that, I'm going to pick up my new car today!"
    Julie Dietrich
    Team Coordinator, Norwex
  • "After working with Linda, I doubled my sales from $27,000 per year to $54,000 a year, earned a promotion and an incentive trip to Maui; and, now I feel energized when I think about connecting with my clients!"
    Lisa L. Riley
    Norwex Consultant
  • "After working with Linda, my sales increased from $500 a month to $3,000 to $5,000 a month and I am consistently recruiting and engaging 1 new team member each month!"
    Marci Kent
    Norwex Consultant
  • "Before I worked with Linda I was nowhere. Now I am talking to a lot more people and getting sales. I feel well equipped to talk to people, in person, on the phone and at vendor shows. I have confidence about what I need to do and how to do it."
    Sandra Stich
    Norwex Consultant
  • "After attending Linda's complimentary training, I used what she taught us and booked 4 parties dated in the next 30 days!"
    Jennifer Hatfield-Dulka
    Norwex, Consultant
  • "The biggest benefit of coaching with Linda is learning approaches and verbiage to use when talking with people.  It enabled me to increase my bookings and sales by 80% and I now feel confident when I reach out to my clients and when talking to potential clients."
    Lynne Mahaney
    Norwex Consultant
  • "Since completing the Rock Your Team To Achieve Their Dreams program, I am clear on what I need to do each day. I know when to do what and with whom. Then when my work is done, I can close the door to my office and enjoy my family time!"
    Maria Venturini
    Norwex, Senior Executive Sales Leader
  • "Since I started working with Linda I have promoted 3 new leaders in the past 2 months!"
    Tammy  Sankey
    Norwex, Executive Sales Leader
  • After coaching with Linda and using the phrases she suggested, I was able to spark several productive conversations and generated 3 appointments!  Thank you Linda!
    Carolyn CJ Jones, Resentment and Forgiveness Specialist, Author, Speaker, Coach
  • With no direct sales experience prior to this company, then coming upon your training early on in my business, I can honestly say that the training I received through your courses changed what I have been able to do with my company. Each promotion has been a very strong promotion and I haven't had to worry about maintaining my current level or receiving my pay check for down line commissions.  
  • "The Rock Your Team program was an excellent investment in my business.  I learned how to talk to my team members in a way that helps everyone get what they want.  And, I achieved my goal -- promotion to Senior Executive Sales Leader!"
  • "The Rock Your Team program is how I promoted to Red Jacket."
  • "Last 4 or 5 months it hasn't been a struggle to continue to get paid at title. One month I checked the stats when the new numbers rolled over and had my downline sales to get paid at title before the month even began!"
  • "I made 23 calls, got 2 bookings, 1 possible recruit and $750 in sales after taking the Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class!"
    Sue Moore
    Executive Sales Leader
  • "I want to honestly share how impressed I am with your level of support and encouragement. You are exceeding ALL my expectations...so a big thank you!"
    Heather S
  • "I have found the Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class to be exceptional."
    Dorene Mahoney
  • "Linda your class transformed me! Your program works!"
    Farita Toney
    FMT-Virtual Business Solutions
  • "Attending Linda Sturdivant’s Effortless Phone Calling Mastery workshop, and implementing her tools is one of the major turning points in the success of my business."
    Suzanne Bourgault, Founder & Technical Director
    Express Yourself Websites
  • "If you haven't had a chance to experience Linda Sturdivant you need to find out where she's speaking next and be there!"
    Kimmer Sue
    Marketing Strategist
  • "I more than DOUBLED my results (getting my team to qualify) AND- it cost less to do!"
  • "Yesterday I dialed the phone 10 times, talked with 5 people (some of them I hadn't talked to in 2 yrs) and booked 2 parties!!"
    Donna Burkholder
  • "I increased my booking and sales by 50%! Wow!"
  • "I went from recruiting zero to 2 per month and last month I recruited 6 people!"
    Anna McLaughlin
  • "It's only been a couple of weeks since completing her coaching class and I have now signed up two new members under me and now have 5 new Solar proposals on their way."
    Mariza Cortez
    Real Estate Agent
  • "I was able to increase my income by 75% after participating in the Effortless Phone Calling Mastery class."
  • "My relationships with my team members has deepened as you have taught me meaningful ways to get to the heart of our businesses. (One person observed a team interview said "that is your sweet spot")"
  • "I've tripled my team, multiplied income by 10 and I am on track to earn ownership in the company since I graduated from the Rock Your Team Program!"
    Suzanne Bloom
    PHP Agency
  • "I nearly doubled my downline commissions after 1 month in Linda's program and received the largest commission check I've ever received in my career after just 2 months in Linda's Rock Your Team Program!"
  • "I booked 6 parties during the time I was in the class and learned how to keep the momentum going after the class was over. I expect to earn $1,000 from those 6 parties!"
  • "I had such an exciting day today with this system! I was actually excited to make calls because I was organized and knew where I was going and what I was going to say! YAY!!"
    Carol Lorraine
    Alive With Creating